Trending Baby Names of 2022

Are you still trying to find the perfect name for your new baby? I looked at 25 of the newborns I photographed last year to look for some baby names that may be trending and some that may be more unique. I also compared those names to see how they compared to the national trends in popularity. Some of these names are more popular than others – and all of them are super cute!

1. Olivia (1st most popular girl name/

2. Mateo (11th most popular boy name/

3. Penelope (21st most popular girl name/

4. Abigail (24th most popular girl name/

5. Layla (29th most popular girl name/

6. Luke (34th most popular boy name/

7. Grayson (37th most popular boy name/

8. Matthew (39th most popular boy name/

9. Riley (39th most popular girl name/

10. Stella (40th most popular girl name/

11. Carter (47th most popular boy name/

12. Paisley (53rd most popular girl name/

13. Jaxon (67th most popular boy name/

14. Kennedy (74th most popular girl name/

15. Brooks (76th most popular boy name/

16. Micah (90th most popular boy name/

And here are some more cute names, that are less common and not in the top 100 for popularity.

17. Laikyn

18. Anders

19. Edwin

20. Noland

21. Danica

22. Haven

23. Amar

24. Myra

25. Amari


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