tampa newborn photographer
All sessions include the time and talent of Tiffany Walensky, an in person pre-session consultation to discuss the vision for your finished photographic art, 1-2 hours of session time (2-4 for newborns), and unlimited use of our props and maternity gowns. All sessions are customized to be completely unique for a highly personalized experience.

Investment begins around $500 (per session) depending on your unique photography needs. We have a stunning selection of top quality wall art, albums, and keepsakes available. Please contact us for a more accurate idea of investment.

“Why is custom photography so expensive?”

Custom photography may seem expensive to someone that is used to high volume photography companies. The truth is, these companies make their profit by charging cheap prices and turning over as many people as they can get in the door. Their focus is on being as quick as possible. I’m sure everyone has had this experience. You sit in a waiting room with several other families, while your kids complain non stop and jump around messing up their clothes and hair. You finally get in front of the camera, the photographer yells “Say cheese!”, snaps 3-4 shots, and sends you on your way. They don’t take the time to get to know your family. They don’t care if your child just gave a completely fake smile-as-big-as-you-can cheesy face. This type of photography may work for some – and this is fine – but some people want more.

This is where we come in. Instead of photographing dozens of families in one day, we photograph 1-2 families per week. This ensures we have all the time needed to give you not only the very best pictures of your family, but an experience that is enjoyable from start to finish. Yes, this means you are paying more for a top of the line experience. It’s going to The Melting Pot instead of McDonalds. Saks Fifth Avenue instead of Sears. It’s not only about the product (which is ultimately better), but also the experience, the atmosphere, the customer service. Sessions are customized completely for you. We will work together to choose a location, your outfits, and the photography products that work best for your family. You will never be left waiting or rushed. We spend as much time as needed making sure your images are retouched to perfection, even zooming in to remove stray hairs, blemishes, dry skin, stains, and even lint from shirts. We provide images that can be printed up to 60 inches wide without a single flaw.

So if you are looking for more than a quick and cheap photography experience, contact us today to setup a meeting to start planning the photography session of your dreams.
If you’d like to learn more about what custom photography is, and why it costs more than chain store photography, please click here.
Prices are subject to change at any time. 7% sales tax will be added to all orders. All images taken remain the copyright property of Tiffany Walensky Photography and may be used for portfolio/advertising purposes.