Before and After

No matter who you choose to capture your newborn’s first portraits, PLEASE make sure it is an experienced and licensed professional that will be handling your baby. You will see many images in our portfolio where baby is in unique positions, including the “froggy” pose, where baby props his head up on his hands, and shots of baby sitting in or hanging from buckets and other props. Theses images are captured using what’s called “composites” or “compositions”, meaning we take several shots with someone holding baby, or spotting baby, and remove that person in post processing. Only professionally trained photographers should attempt these poses.

In addition to the safety aspect, we put a lot of effort into making sure our images are just right during post-processing. We spend time smoothing baby’s skin, correcting color and texture and removing/reducing newborn acne, redness, and rashes. We want your baby to look the way you will remember him later – perfect. You probably won’t want to remember a temporary little red rash, but you will want to remember just how he pursed his lips and just hot small his button nose was. (Click images to enlarge.)